Celebration Cake FAQ

When should I book my cake?

As soon as you have your party date planned, give us a call!  We do ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all custom cakes.  We value your interest in working with us, and we do our best to accommodate as many orders as we can; however, we do take orders on a first come first serve basis.

What is the process for ordering my cake?

We suggest starting by filling out our Celebration Cake Inquiry form online where you can choose your flavors and share your ideas. We’ll review your inquiry and get back with you as soon as possible with a quote and any additional ideas or suggestions. You may also give us a call and someone will walk you through the process. We have many photographs of previous work in our store and on Facebook, along with many reviews/endorsements of our services. A 50% non-refundable deposit officially holds your date with the remaining balance due at pick up.

How much will my cake cost?

Our custom party cakes start at $5.50 per serving. The final price will depend on the number of servings and the complexity of your chosen details. Our creations are quoted on an individual basis.

Do you provide a cake tasting?

Yes. We offer a to-go tasting for $25 which includes our most popular flavors of both cake and fillings. If you would like a to-go tasting, please give us a call.

Can I have a different flavor in each tier?

Yes! You can have as many flavors as you have tiers.

I have a photo of a cake I want. Can you copy it?
You are welcome to bring in photos of cakes from other designers as part of an inspiration board and we can design something similar; however, we respect copyright laws and will not recreate any copyrighted materials. We also do not guarantee exact duplication of anyone else’s work. Each cake is its own unique piece of art, and each cake is done to the best of the artist’s ability.
Can you match a specific color scheme?
We do our best to match specific colors when possible. We do not guarantee an exact match. We are working with sugar and, though we can mix colors very well, there are certain colors where an exact match is not possible. Keep in mind that there are many shades of color and what may be baby pink to you may not be baby pink to your cake designer. We suggest you bring a swatch of color if you are wanting a specific shade.
What about allergies?
We do offer gluten-free and nut-free custom cake options. Our products, however, may have come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy and other allergens. Because of this, we discourage those with extreme allergies from using our bakery.
Will you deliver my cake?
At this time, we only deliver wedding cakes.
How do I transport my cake?

Your cake will be boxed and properly prepared for transport. Please provide transportation that is large enough to hold a significant box. It is best for the cake to travel cold and on a level surface. We suggest your cake travel on the floorboard of your vehicle and not in the seat. We encourage you strongly to drive in a manner that keeps you from having to slam on your brakes or to take sharp, fast turns. We also suggest taking your cake directly to the venue and not making any stops along the way.